Adam and Eve

The First Week

The great ship smashes against the rocks

Molecules pour out of it’s belly, onto the hot sand of the shore

Left with no map or compass, governed by no law but the Word

Words as the only property, meaning revealed through God’s guidance and revelation.

Nothing escapes the divine sight of the Lord. No dust is made which does not originate from His mouth.

When Man was made complete

Up out of the ground! Up comes this woman, modeled and formed from the earth.

Parallel universes of man and woman making contact with each other. Planets hurled into the void.

Swirls of white light lifted from the body

Up into eternal existence of the Universal Church

Model and the Creation

One giving birth to the other , the other giving birth to thee

The Son

In human form

In Godly power.

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2 thoughts on “Adam and Eve

  1. ifightforgod says:

    Great blog! God bless!

  2. Jed says:

    Great poem!
    Actually, when I was reading it, I started to sing it with a happy tune.

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